• All visitors must check-in to office, pay visitor rate, and pick up a Day Pass sticker.
  • Adults: ages 15 and older = $5 per day.
  • Children: ages 3-14 = $3 per day.
  • Children 2 and under are free.


  • Full deposit is required on any reservation including motel rooms, campground, cabins, and park models.
  • A $25.00 administration fee per room or campsite will apply to ALL to cancellations made 30 days before your scheduled arrival date.
  • Cancellations within 30 days of scheduled arrival date will not be refunded.  No refunds for late arrivals or early departures.
  • Please be sure to read all rules, regulations and policies before completing your reservation. If you have any questions, please call 603-788-4885.


  • $10 additional fee per night per pet for the motel.
  • Pets are not permitted to roam the grounds and must be kept on a leash at all times. Pets are never to be left unattended even if tethered at a site.
  • State law prohibits animals from public buildings and pool area.
  • Persons with pets at their site or walking pets are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their animals and discarding securely bagged pet droppings in the provided trash dumpsters. No pet waste may be disposed of in facility toilets.
  • Pet caregivers are responsible for any damage caused by their pets.
  • No pets shall be allowed to become a nuisance or create any unreasonable disturbances.
  • *Examples of nuisance behavior are pets whose unruly behavior causes personal injury or property damage. Pets who make noise continuously for a period of ten minutes, or intermittently for one hour or more to the disturbance of any person at anytime of day or night. Pets in common areas who are not under the complete control of a responsible human companion and on a hand-held leash of no more than six feet in length or in a pet carrier. Pets who relieve themselves on walls or floors of common areas. Pets who exhibit aggressive or other dangerous or potentially dangerous behavior. Pets who are conspicuously unclean or parasite infested. Notwithstanding any other provision, herein disabled individuals may keep assistance animals.*


Please obey the rules of the “Good Camper”: Courtesy, cooperation, cleanliness, care, common sense, caution and conservation. These rules and regulations are for your benefit and are intended to make your stay a safe and enjoyable one.

  • Quiet hours are from 11PM to 7AM. CAMPFIRES MUST BE OUT BY 12AM.
  • Check-out for campsites is 12pm and for cabins, park models and motel is 11am. If check-out times are not met, an additional night’s stay will be the responsibility of the guest.
  • Campers are responsible for their visitors. All visitors must check in at the office and pay the required fee.
  • Alcohol consumption is ONLY permitted for those of legal drinking age. Underage drinking and disruptive behavior as a result of intoxication is not permitted nor tolerated and will be reported to the local authorities.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed in pool area or public buildings.
  • Please clean-up your campsite prior to your departure and dispose of permitted trash items in our dumpsters. Trash left behind will be removed at the occupant’s expense. Our dumpsters are intended for trash produced during your camping stay and should not be used for household refuse.  Anyone found disposing of outside trash will be asked to leave the premises without refund.
  • All children must be on their own site by 9PM.
  • Playground is closed at dark.
  • All children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult to the pool and when taking a shower.
  • “Swim Wear ONLY”. No cut-offs, diapers etc. allowed in the pools.
  • No roller-skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, mini bikes or terrain vehicles are to be used on the premises.
  • Bicycles are not be to ridden in parking areas, halls or the arcade, or after dark.
  • Do not walk through occupied sites.
  • The bathhouses on the campgrounds are for use by our campers. We regularly clean our bathhouses to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for you. Please clean up after yourself to prevent health risks due to unclean patrons and report all offenders to management.
  • In an effort to conserve our trees, do not cut down or put nails or screws in any trees on property.
  • No clotheslines allowed on trees.
  • Vehicle and RV washing is NOT permitted.
  • Use of facilities is at your own risk.

We (Interlakes Properties North, LLC, dba Roger’s Campground and Motel) claim no responsibility or liability for any items damaged or stolen from your campsite. Please do not leave any items of value to you unattended at your campsite. Rogers Campground and Motel is a privately owned and operated facility catering to families, camping enthusiasts, and people who love the outdoors. We, therefore, reserve the right to select our clientele and visitors. Our rules are designed to ensure a comfortable stay for our guests. Those who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave with no refund. Thank you for your cooperation.